A new portfolio website

You smell that? The sacred smell of a new website. Now my badass portfolio website is powered by Jekyll.

Previously I ran my website on WordPress and it was extremely outdated, slow and not mobile-friendly whatsoever. It did not help that I also ran a quite bare minimum web hosting package and several plugins installed. But even then it is like trying to optimize the speed of a tortoise with WordPress requiring the entire LAMP Stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP).

Luckily now that my website runs Jekyll, it results in a tiny amount of load time due to its static files. Also running on Cloudflare’s CDN, the website is nearing that close perfect score of a hundred on both mobile and desktop on Google Lighthouse. An extra is that Jekyll can be ran on Github Pages, so now I can easily restore changes and/or update something I want to without any hassle with any bloated backends. And lets not forget that Github Pages is entirely free, so this will also saves me from having a monthly subscription for a webhost; a win-win situation.

As for design, Jekyll provides plenty of options. Running portfolYOU, a theme by Youssef Raafat, as a base. Luckily portfolYOU comes with loads of easily adjustments in its configuration, but even outside of the configuration there is plenty to adjust by just overriding the theme. Such as the removal the percentage of skills on the about page.